Ways to Discipline With Grace

    03.16.17 | Student Ministry Parents by Noah Winning ham

    Ways to disciple your children in grace

    1. Lead them towards repentance:

    Guide them to name their sin when apologizing to friends, family, or whomever they have sinned against. It’s not enough to have them say sorry but to learn to name their sin. Use this as an opportunity to confess your sin, too, and point them to Jesus. Pray for the Spirit to give them new hearts!

    2. Repent with them:

    Allow your kids to hear you repent of your sin and seek forgiveness. This is especially helpful when you have sinned against them. Tell them why you need Jesus, and how the gospel frees you from your need to sin.

    3. Point back to the Gospel:

    While everyday life is unfolding around you and your children, take the time to show them the Gospel is there. The way they play, nature, books, or TV can all be used as tools to point to Christ.

    4. Pray together:

    Circle around and have children pray for their siblings. Often the pattern is for the kids to simply listen to their parents pray. Take requests and pray for each other. Allow your kids to also pray for you. And pray the good news, always thanking God for the gift of his Son!

    5. Provide a good age-appropriate Bible for everyone:

    The Big Picture Story Bible (ages 0-5), The Jesus Storybook Bible (ages 3-100 – seriously. Just get this one!), The Seek and Find Bible (ages 4-7), or The Grow Bible (ages 9-12). The Good Book Company has some solid resources for helping your kids engage the Word daily.

    6. Read the Bible together:

    Engage in the Bible as a family. This can be both as a group and all reading the same stories individually. Or use the Story-Formed Way for Kids.

    7. Ask Good Questions:

    Lead your children in discussion. You can do this by asking some simple questions about each Bible story: What did this story say about God? What did this story say about people? How did this story point towards Jesus? How do our lives connect to this story?